Pastry Pop Kingdom

Type: iPhone/iPad and Android game.

Release date: January 2015.

Instruments: Unity3d


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   iPhone/iPad               Android


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Game description:

Travel through lands of flaky pastries, thick cream, and rich chocolate to match ingredients and create delectable sweets in this match-3 puzzler. Just watch out for Croc, the nasty pastry-swiping crocodile. Reptiles aren't supposed to have a taste for sweet stuff, but apparently he didn't get the memo.


Match, bake, and mix your way through 8 lands and 90+ levels. Scoop up handfuls of chocolate, berries, cake, and sprinkles. We know you can't stop your mouth from watering, but please don't lick the screen. 


- Make matches to collect fresh ingredients: Ruby-red strawberries, plump cherries, pitchers brimming with creamy milk, and more.

- Match four pieces to make enticing new recipes capable of sweeping a row or column. Milk becomes panna cotta, sugar becomes meringue, and strawberries are baked into cupcakes slathered with thick red icing. It's the circle of food-life.

- Match five pieces and reward yourself with a slice of rainbow cake.

- Crack eggs and coconuts and dig into the ingredients beyond.

- Battle with Croc to defend your baked goods from his cold, slimy claws.

- Over 90 sweet levels, with more to be added shortly.

- Garnish gameplay with a colorful assortment of power-ups, including sprinkles and candy bombs.

- Universal app that runs on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.